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About HaitiChildren

studentsHaitiChildren is a U.S. based non-profit organization providing care and education to abandoned, orphaned and disabled children in Haiti. Since 1994, we have cared for Haiti’s most defenseless children and established a reputation for excellence in our community-based programming. We take abused, abandoned, and disabled children from a vulnerable state of being hurt and broken and provide comprehensive care until they become independent and thriving.

There are approximately 400,000 disabled children and young adults in Haiti and only 5% of these children are enrolled in educational or therapy programs. HaitiChildren raises their children in a healthy environment and works to bring about systemic and lasting solutions for this overlooked population. Our skilled staff nurses these children to health and then provides food, shelter, education, and most importantly, a loving environment that builds character and integrity.

hugHaitiChildren believes the best way to address Haiti’s overarching social and political problems is from within its borders. Change will only be sustainable if economic and social behaviors are altered to ensure better outcomes for the next generation of Haitians. HaitiChildren equips children with the tools and skills they need to become productive, responsible citizens. HaitiChildren does not believe in removing children from their communities. We do not participate in or facilitate adoptions. Rather, our care philosophy is to provide essential services to children at risk in Haiti and give them a life of hope, healing and opportunity.

HaitiChildren has created jobs in Haiti for 20 years (since 1994) and has contributed over $16 million to the Haitian economy. We employ over 200 Haitian nationals in jobs serving as teachers, doctors, nurses, therapists, “mothers” (continuous child care), building engineers, accountants, cooks, and cleaning staff. HaitiChildren has employed over 200 additional Haitians during the construction of over $1.5 million in buildings and infrastructure. In addition, HaitiChildren hired another 50 Haitians to assist in removing rubble and making repairs following the 2010 earthquake. In a nation where unemployment reaches 80% in some areas, HaitiChildren employees are able to care for their families and have a vision for the future.

feeding3HaitiChildren has grown steadily for 20 years and now serves over 5000 people. The impact on the lives of the children in our programs and the Haitians we employ is dramatic and deep—in many cases the difference between life and death, and in others, the difference between a life of poverty and a life of promise.

Your generosity enables more children and young adults to be saved and thousands of lives to be changed for the better. Thank you for your compassion for these little heroes!

Our Partners

We’re extremely blessed and thankful for the people and organizations that partner with HaitiChildren to serve the needs of Haiti’s children. Our Partners