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Frequent Questions

How is HaitiChildren financed?

HaitiChildren has helped children in Haiti since 1994, based on the generosity or individuals, corporations, foundations, churches and other charitable organizations. The Board of Directors of HaitiChildren pays 100% of U.S. administrative costs. While HaitiChildren has applied for funding from USAID, we have not received any government funds to date.

Can I just volunteer to collect goods
or go on a mission trip to Haiti?

Becoming an advocate and fundraiser for HaitiChildren is the most effective way to help orphans in Haiti. We are a small organization and rely on your good will and dedication to sharing our mission and vision. Please consider hosting an event or starting a Facebook campaign. You can learn more here or by emailing our office.

We employ over 200 Haitians who work hard implementing HaitiChildren’s vision. Our staff is focused entirely on serving the children and elderly who come our way. Many of the orphans we serve are disabled and some come to us near death. Due to the overwhelming demands of our current programs, our staff is not able to host volunteers in Haiti and we do not recruit volunteers for our work in Haiti. Language and cultural differences present obvious and subtle challenges for everyone, especially those who have spent little or no time in Haiti. There are rare occasions (once or twice per year) when we ask skilled professionals who have experience traveling to Haiti to volunteer their time to accomplish specific tasks. These are persons with whom we have long-standing relationships.

We encourage you to reach out to other organizations that have staff members dedicated to coordinating the important work of volunteers.

Who are your employees?

HaitiChildren employs hundreds of Haitians and considers this part of creating hope and opportunity in Haiti because these employees are able to care for their families. HaitiChildren primary employees in Haiti and the U.S. are:

Tessa Maximilien |  HaitiChildren Country Representative in Haiti
Dr. Lesley Agenor |  HaitiChildren Medical Director
Suze Melina Selmond  |  HaitiChildren Orphanage Director
Jean Belzire | HaitiChildren Education Director
Dr. Max St. Albin |  Director of Rehabilitation and Therapy
Juime Louis  |  Account Manager
Henri Pamphile  |  Inventory Manager
Haronce Joseph, Pastor  | HaitiChildren Community Christian Church

James Maguire  |  Accounting Manager
Carol Fabian  |  Marketing & Events Manager
Hannah Thimsen  |  Executive Administrative Assistant
Donna Ganger  |  Guardian Angel Program Administrator

Susie Krabacher is CEO and Co-Founder of HaitiChildren, works full-time. Susie, along with Joe Krabacher and the Board of Directors, are not compensated for their work with HaitiChildren.

Do you cooperate with the Haitian government?

Yes, the Haitian government department of social services (IBESR) regularly asks us to take in more abandoned children. View their letter with translation»