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It is Special

IL EST SPÉCIALIt is special “is the story of the experience of parents and especially the mother of a child with the syndrome called” partial deletion of chromosome 18. ” Despite a mix of emotions, joy, sorrow and laughter, the parents of this little angel had the joy of knowing pure and healthy love. In the circumstance, the author thinks that sharing this experience would be a valuable contribution to other parents, if they ever will face a similar situation. It further enhances its position vis-à-vis awareness of parents who have children of their “special”. Whatever the problem, the most innocuous at worst, she thinks patience and serenity go hand in hand. “And as difficult as could be the task, you should never be discouraged; because the main thing is to love and give themselves completely, “she says. “What is of paramount importance is to get to sensitize our society,” says the author. “It must be taught to accept these special children, help, and love; particularly the most disadvantaged, “she concludes. “It’s special,” is a true story written to release the wounds of a mother and the anguish of a family that has overcome mixed emotions emerged everywhere.

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