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It is a story that begins each time a child is born into unimaginable poverty in Haiti. It’s a story of hunger so severe that children cannot attend school or sleep peacefully at night. It’s a story of homelessness, violence on the streets, unsafe drinking water, debilitating diseases, and family abandonment and neglect. These conditions disproportionately impact the most vulnerable members of Haitian society, the children. As their heartbreaking story continues so must the story of HaitiChildren.

Employment  |  HaitiChildren has been operating in Haiti continuously since 1994. We currently employ over 200 Haitian nationals in our operations there. The passion and mission of HaitiChildren is simple; to provide hope and opportunity to the abused, abandoned and disabled children of Haiti. We do this through a variety of relief and development programs which are funded predominantly by private contributions.

Orphanages  |  At HaitiChildren’s Williamson Campus, we have three orphanage buildings housing more than 125 healthy, disabled, and terminally ill children. They are given nutritious food, fresh water, clothing, shelter, education and above all, love. With roughly 50% of our children disabled or terminally ill, we have implemented a robust physical therapy program that is greatly improving their quality of life.

Nutrition Programs  |  The HaitiChildren Nutrition Programs have saved thousands of children and families throughout Haiti who would otherwise be without food. The nutrition programs operate at all of the HaitiChildren schools and orphanages. HaitiChildren also runs successful nutrition programs in two small villages, Paulette and Phaeton, in the Cap-Haitien region of northern Haiti. We have more than 2000 beneficiaries in our programs and we provided more than 650,000 meals in 2011.

Education  |  HaitiChildren gives more than 1000 children a chance at a better life through our School Programs; the John Branchizio School in Cazeau, the Cite Soleil School in Cite Soleil, and the Williamson School at the Williamson Campus. The children are given school supplies, books, clean drinking water, and as a part of our feeding program they are given a hot meal five days a week, even during the summer time. HaitiChildren also pays the salaries of the teachers and owns and operates the facilities.

Medical Care  |  HaitiChildren provides vaccinations for all of the children in our educational programs over 1100 kids. We also provide full medical care, therapy, vaccinations, and surgeries for all of the 126 orphans in our care. HaitiChildren ran a successful mobile clinic at our Williamson campus where we treated more than 75 children and people from the surrounding community per day, four days a week, but concerns due to cholera led us to close that clinic.


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