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Sept Spotlight: Betty Krabacher

Betty Krabacher Betty KrabacherMeet Betty, she was born on October 26, 2008. Betty came to HaitiChildren in 2010. When she arrived at HaitiChildren she was very thin and frail, malnourished and could not stand. Slowly with the care of our physicians and therapists, Betty is now a healthy little girl. She is filled with the joy of life and very happy to be a part of her very big HaitiChildren family. She is an early bird and always enjoys starting her days with a smile as she looks forward to spending time with her friends at school. She loves sweets, cereal with milk, eggs and vegetables. She loves drawing; this is one of her favorite activities along with playing with dolls and singing at church. Betty Krabacher is very promising girl with a sense of curiosity to learn. She has come a long way and inspires us all!