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100% of all donations reach Haiti. Mercy & Sharing's Board of Directors contribute in excess of 100% of all U.S. admin costs.

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You're invited to our 2nd Annual Haitian Celebration, an event benefiting the care and support for orphans in Haiti.  Gala Website

100% Haiti

Mercy & Sharing employs hundreds of local Haitian men and women, and believes their orphans are the future of Haiti.



20 years and counting and still ever true to our mission of mercy in Haiti. Mercy & Sharing, a registered 501c3 non-profit, started in 1994 and we are on a mission of mercy to educate the forgotten, feed the hungry, house the neglected, show mercy and dignity to the abused, and empower a new generation to hope and sustainability.

Please join us.

Angels of a Lower Flight

Angels of a Lower Flight

The inspiring story of how one woman's message of hope and opportunity will change the lives of an entire generation.

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Demons of Poverty

Demons of Poverty

Ted Boers, successful American entrepreneur, has devoted himself to improving the conditions of the poor in Haiti.

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In The News

  • How Clinton Oversells His Rescue of Haiti

    By David Keene  |  The Washington Times  |  September 23, 2014 Reprinted from the Washington Times. Bill Clinton never stops. Last week while he and Hillary were in Iowa, Mr. Clinton continued his nonstop campaign to sell his unique take on his own accomplishments. This time it was Haiti. Politicians and their minions practice spinning the facts to fit their campaign and governing narratives, and when they leave office, many of them spend their retirement years making […]

  • Haitian moms demand help for UN ‘peacekeeper’ babies

    By Amy Bracken  |  August 29, 2014 Reprinted from PRI When the US military pulled out of Vietnam in 1973, it left something of a living legacy: Tens of thousands of pregnant Vietnamese women. But this issue is not confined to Americans in Vietnam, or even to wartime. It’s also an often overlooked side effect of United Nations peacekeeping operations. Now, the babies of UN peacekeepers are becoming an issue […]

  • Bill Clinton Spins His Haiti Intervention

    Amid a probe of Aristide, the former president offers a new version of events. By Mary Anastasia O’Grady Reprinted from the Wall Street Journal It’s tempting to try to forget about all the misery that Bill and Hillary Clinton and their Democrat friends have inflicted on Haiti. But like perpetrators who cannot resist the urge to return to the scene of the crime, the Clintons keep reminding us. At an Iowa “steak fry” […]

  • TWO MAJOR GOVERNMENT FAILURES: The Opening of Schools and the Closing of the 49th Legislature

    by Thomas Péralte Reprinted from HAITI LIBERTE This past Mon., Sep. 8, 2014 marked two major events in Haiti: the first day of school and the last day of the regular session of the 49th Legislature. The former was the bigger calamity of the two. Since the arrival of President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe in power in 2011, the opening of school has always been delayed until October. According to many educators, Martelly’s […]

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